“Energy Saving” is a buzz word around the world & “Electricity” is one of the precious energy which we all use on daily basis. We can save “Electricity” by efficient distribution ,precise  billing system & accurate mechanism to track the “ theft & tamper ability”.

The conventional Electromechanical Meters (Ferraris) are not obvious choice due to its inherent limitations with moving parts & the principle on its work.

Globioinics helped the strategic partners ,in doing pioneer  work on Electronic Electricity Meters and successfully developed Single Phase and Three Phase Meters ( also referred by different names i.e, Energy meters, KWh meters and Solid State Meters) meeting rigid requirements of local Utility Boards ( in various countries ) and also International Standards.

Following the immense success of low-cost, front end Single Phase and Three Phase Electricity Meters, today, Globionics with it’s strategic partners , applied its expertise to development of intelligent, multi-functional higher end Electricity Meters with licensed dedicated chipsets from well known component manufacturer from USA & EUROPE.

Our major installed capacity is in India & Middle East & we are heading towards ASEAN for advance metering.

In Advance Metering we have developed expertise in :

AMR – Automatic Meter Reading

Our meters ( with the capability installed inside) can be read remotely with RF system , PLC (Power Line Carrier ) & by GSM module with appropriate set up at other end.

At our R & D , with the strategic partners , we have developed PREPAID Metering ,which will have further better control over billing.